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Let's Call on Your Dead

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Most who are reading this already know that a great deal of my work involves interactions with those beyond flesh. If you didn't know, now you do. I channel their messages for clients I call Listeners, but it's up to the Listener to choose who they call. I serve a bit like a microphone for the dead, simply sharing what they offer. Listeners ask questions. The dead usually answer them, with specifics. The only ones who can respect the dead in this way is those who are alive. Honor your dead. Find out what their doing now. Learn if there's anything they want you to do for them. If you're ready, let's schedule your appointment. We'll meet via Zoom and you'll be send a recording of the shared time. 30 minutes for $75 Payments can be made through: Venmo Paypal (with a service fee) Credit Cards (with a service fee) Checks Cash (if local) Contact me for scheduling:

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