• Spellbinding Sherry

Say yes to Self and no to the judgement of others

For those whom these words are true: you are called to not be working or, at least, to be working less. This pause calls you to carry only your high standards and active, forward movement. From this perspective, it is most easy to see your ships as they approach. You must be aware. Pay attention and be private, in some ways, especially about those topics which include your emotional well-being because, there is a trickster who, as usual, is unloading their crap. There is no tragedy here, only daydreams (or mind games, alternatively); mind your own. It is not for you to look at everyone’s quagmire. There are those who are uncomfortable with your presence. They no longer include you in their community. You have learned. You know you are no longer passionate about the lack of connection, though, for a while, you did feel restricted, a bit. Now, you know, you’re not required to feel slandered, disrespected, separate, disowned or unloved. Your own heartaches need not be expressed verbally because you have the tools to validate your own Self. You no longer require their affirmations, (especially of those for whom you have no respect). You are prepared, at ease, with your truth. What is within you is stable and present. Your skills include leadership and you are a likely role model. Your sad times, are acknowledged, especially those when you had to begin anew, again. You did not love yourself as much then, as you do now. You had to protect so much and felt as if, at the time, there were no sacrifices when it came to to intuition, but were wrong. The family was unhappy. Your union with the divine was not then decided. You were juggling too much, and though you did manage, your happiness was stunted. Alone, you willed and forced any creativity, without any mentor or guide. Setting off on your own, seeking higher knowledge; you didn’t indulge the slow pace though, but instead, attempted to jump in all at once, awakened. You did it though, somehow you have healed, both yourSelf and so much of your home. You had to slow down though to move forward, at all. Minding the rules, even when they feel empty, you now can note the balance and what opportunities to decline. Take action, now. When you feel depleted, look within. Release all which no longer serves your current wellness. You are witnessed! You are welcome! Let those see your truths, raise you up as you are then invited to share your higher standards where your values are heard.. You may ask for nothing, but to be left to your own capable thriving, and to your strength

and loyalty, ongoing. That’s okay too. Each challenge and imbalance, you know, has changed your patterns. You used to cling. You used fear jumping in. Now you know stability is your own creation, your own experience. You can choose to step off (or away), whenever you decide, if this is (not) what you want. You are in charge of yourself. You have worked for this stability, formed from the triumph of choosing joy. There are others with whom you spend time, especially when you are upset. They witness you and remind you that you have honed the ability to comfort yourself once you stopped clinging. Now remember how brave you are, how determined you are and how

your authenticity is constant. And maybe, really, a nap would be in good service, too.

If you are interested in learning how to more capably create and practice healthy boundaries and self empowerment, please reach out to learn more at thesoulconvergence@gmail.org

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