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Some words. Some drumming. Some breathing.

Mercury, directly on one's astrological ascendant, means it's high time to communicate in a way which is projected publicly. I started here, yesterday via a fb live. I'd like to figure out how to do this directly on my website and then work that in the reverse direction. Earlier this week I sat in circle (online, at a healthy distance) with others. Among our conversation topics one asked what we're doing to help others. I've made sure my clients and other folks know that they can begin or continue their work with their own soul empowerment (addressing the hurdles and joys of living in a spiritual sort of fashion) via phone or computer. I've offered my support to folks as I always do, with communicating with their dead and dying, etc. That's all still available, along with other services too. But now, I think it's timely that I'm again bringing my tank drum out to share with you. There are lots of similarly styled drums out there. This one is made by my dear friend Matt Warren (of M-DubDesigns). His drums have some differences from some of the other tanks I've played. It altered the vibration/sound. I've watched these drums help people shift energies as they played with their hands or mallets. I have also seen such shifts in people who listened to someone else play. One night a woman played one of these drums for eleven hours, most of which she was beyond their view. They stood there, affected, in a footpath, just allowing the movement of sound to course through their bodies. I hope this helps you feel at ease in yourSelf today. I'll soon be posting an online donation button so you can support the doings here at Soul Convergence if you feel these sorts of posts are of value to you, especially, but maybe because you just have longstanding faith in the sort of work we are building here, to share, in convergence with one another. Be well. Stay healthy. Know you are loved.

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