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A beautiful rite of marriage

Yesterday I was honored to officiate a wedding between two loving people. They indulged separate sessions of my spiritual counsel, to be sure they each know how to bring the best version of themselves to the partnership, then we met as a group so that I could offer them tools to support their marriage. They are private folks. Their ceremony was small and the space where they were wed is intimate to them both. I channeled their ceremony via the Divine, who coursed the words through me and led me to direct them into a union of marriage, where encouragement as individuals is meant to honor the whole, where individuality is held as love and respected for it's nourishment. I am told that the words and the ceremony were moving, specifically well suited to their very own version of love. The love of respectful, consensual souls are encouraged and held as worthy by the clergy of Soul Convergence. If you are interested in having your supported, encouraged and celebrated with words clearly meant for your own marriage, do reach out to me at

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