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Thank you for your support

At Soul Convergence Inc.

our interest is in cultivating

respectful, philosophic spirituality

and channeling via the arts.

We specialize in spiritual death doula work

offering companionship and guidance

for the dying,

for those already beyond flesh

and the people left to carry on.

We celebrate the soul

via intimacy with the divine

and mediumship.

Soul Convergence supports

the empowerment of souls.

Though most of our work

are paid services,

we have, in the past year,

extended ourselves to include

an estimated 500 hours of uncompensated outreach,

and traveled more than 2500 miles

to visit or transport people

who benefit from our spiritual support

or were driven to appointments.

We have invested thousands of dollars

and hours in the tending of our buildings and grounds.

Three people have received scholarships

to enrich their ongoing spiritual development.

We have gifted countless hours

of comfort for palliative care,

support through trauma

and personal rites.

For these reasons,

we humbly request

that you gift our community

any amount of donation

to continue (and hopefully extend)

our outreach to others

as well as to support our own needs.

Thank you.

We appreciate you. You'll find a DONATE button here on our website to simplify your ease or via the following


Venmo: Sherry-Stamback

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