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April's Fool

If I am to celebrate the day of the Fool I will do so on my own terms, as it is: kinda cool. The Fool in the tarot is filled with a pleasure. There is faith in their doings, if distracted in measure. The blessed zero of bliss with a happy open space; not what once was, nor yet what shall, eventually, come into place. With the dreamy bright promise of wisdom, if earned, the Fool travels onward, focussed intention, to learn. With a companionable witness, and a gleam in the eye, the naivete' of The Fool is protected, by and by. The key is to keep on creating the blessing, to be true to the Self, to the One(s), keep professing! As the wonders unfold and the diligent create, be excited with the journey, and step off, in Faith. © Spellbinding Sherry

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