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Are you called to lead?

Let’s face it, even if one hopes to be, not everyone is a spiritual leader. That said, some folks actually are, but are too depleted to practice stability, at this time. Some are acting as if they are qualified guides, or wish they were, but integrity or skill may be lacking. If this sounds like you, just check the ego. It's likely you are over-compensating, for your lack of experience. Easy, now. We're wearing human forms for this journey, remember. And hey, this is pretty common,

for most of us. It happens, especially in earlier parts of one's awakening. Know though, that with diligence and dedication, that once the humility is woven with the insights that greater capability is possible. These doors may open, but you’re going to have to dive into the process, commit to the journey and allow, rather than force, the intention to move though you. A lighter heart will help. Laughter is a sprinkle of magic which can activate one’s intention.

Are you ready to open to ideas and direction to empower your success? If so, reach out to schedule your time for a powerful reading at thesoulconvergence@gmail.com. If you prefer, call or text at 727 888 3133.

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