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Be well. Stay healthy. Know you are loved.

Soul Convergence is currently still available for supportive soulwork, including readings of tarot, astrology or trinkets. If you'd like to speak with your dead, explore the truths of someone unable to speak, et al, reach out. We can do any of this stuff over the phone or video. Let's schedule your appointment.

Packaged sessions are available for those who have interest in a deep commitment to effective empowerment and for those who have several dead folks with whom they'd like to visit. And hey, wash your hands, eat food which is healthy as possible, drink plenty of water, exercise, rest and spend some time home, to the best of your ability, being grateful, especially if you and your loved ones are healthy. Appreciate life. Appreciate the lives of others too. Limiting physical interactions with others seems wise, to me, for now. Enjoy your environment. Do those things you've been meaning or wanting to get to do. This is the time. Write! Sing. Do the hobby. Read that book. Work in your dooryard if you have one. Paint. Juggle. Hoop. Dance. Tidy spaces. Make jam. Can foods if you have fresh to use. Spin yarn. Knit. Crochet. Draw. Play an instrument. Play board games with others, if you live with people. Tell stories. OH dive into a medium new to you. Learn. Play. Enjoy being at home. Being as happy as possible is going to create some good of all this energy. Drink plenty of water and practice wise wellness in the ways you feel most empowered. Be well. Stay healthy. Know you are loved.

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