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Lack of control looks like this

Do you ever poke into something, thinking it will be a smidgen of a thing to work though, then, as you do so, you realize there is a great deal more going on than you imagined? Does it feel awkward to have things so beyond your control? Yeah, me too. We aimed to fix a leak in the kitchen ceiling here. It required a bit more attention than we expected, which required a pause in our gatherings. Sometimes things turn out to be a bit different than we expect of them.

This can be especially interesting for those of us who tend to feel a need to be in charge. In the exercise of free flow and adaptability we are offered opportunities to relinquish control and to simply allow. It is with this in mind as I invite you to join me this Saturday as we work on adaptability, inspiration and beauty. through an exploration of alcohol inks. Join us Saturday morning, May 14, 2022 at 10 am, here, beneath the oaks. The donation for this gathering is $20. You’re welcome to pay ahead via Venmo @ Sherry-Stamback (just note it as a donation on the app), or you can pay $25 when you arrive. Demonstration and supplies are all included. Come learn how amazing it is to consciously submit to the beautiful flow. For more information please reach out to learn more at: email at or message at


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