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Because she called on them, she knows now...

My client yesterday, stated that she has experienced challenges with traveling. Therefore, she enlisted a trusted person to be her driver and companion over the miles, for hours, to arrive at the Soul Convergence space.

She wanted to visit with two of her loved ones who are dead and though we could have done this over the phone, she preferred to do so with me, in person.

The two beyond flesh we a little nervous, as was my client.

None of them had done this sort of thing before.

Each of the dead visited with her privately. There were tears, yes, but there was also laughter, commiseration, questions, a big bear hug, gratitude, revelations and understandings.

The client was happy to have shared time with those to whom she has always been steadfastly dedicated. They appreciated her for her loyalty, for her ongoing support and for being the most constant security they had in this lifetime. They recognized her for her continued persistence in absolutely showing up for them, even when they’d moved beyond form, even at the cost of her own discomfort. She called on them for other reasons. She would never have been so vain, but she was caused to hear how much she matters, still.

I am honored to play a role in such stories. I am blessed to have the ability to do so.

Are you ready to visit with your dead? Are you ready to listen, to ask questions, to learn how they're doing now? If so, reach out at

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