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Speaking of the dead...

Updated: May 13

Eventually, everyone ends up knowing someone who has died. That’s just the way it is. We know this. We all expect it and yet we’re often blindsided when someone we love no longer resides in flesh. Loving so deeply that we experience a sort of feeling as if our dear one has been torn away, is common. It can bring up unhealed wounds or leave folks with questions about their own mortality, their spiritual beliefs and how to carry on. I was still a toddler when I was first able to interpret an understanding of one of my dead friends: an elder man who I knew only as Opa. As Oma, his wife, sat on the couch with my own adults, there were many tears being cried. The grown people were all very sad. At their feet, I sat on the floor, preoccupied with a distraction, but addressed this sweet elderly woman directly, “Opa doesn’t hurt anymore.” She heard me. She smiled at me. What I had said mattered to her. She validated my awareness and allowed it to nudge her own perspective. The dead have been present to me for most of this lifetime, so much so, that I eventually answered a spiritual calling to channel their messages for their own listeners. Soul Convergence is soon to host Speaking of the Dead, as in “oh, yeah, speaking of the dead, let me tell you about this one time...” I’ve been told so much about what it is experienced by those beyond flesh. Everything I’ve learned about being dead, I’ve learned from them. I have amazing stories to share with you and they are all true. Let me help you explore the edges of your paradigms. If you have an interest and would like to be included in the list of potential attendees, please comment below or send an email to me thesoulconvergence@gmail.com SPACE IS LIMITED This event will be held outdoors. Watch for the details about date and time. ~Sherry #event #speakingofthedead #gathering #inperson #considerthis

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