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Boundaries, ethics and filters are all in place here

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I was speaking with a friend the other day, about the comfort and healing which comes by way of a soul connection with the dead. I wanted my friend to understand how this sort of conversation can help a person gain clarity, how the contact with the dead can ease one’s concerns, answer the “what ifs” and lend a sense of hope.

Their response was relative to what we all know can happen (and certainly have seen portrayed in movies) when inexperienced or unethical folks practice mediumship without clarified understandings of boundaries and filters used in practice. My friend was concerned that opening such a door could invite unwanted energies and how those could be more detrimental than the pain being felt now, you know, like in the movies.

I disagreed, relative to my work. I do know it is true that each medium has their skills, and that all of our practices are unique. Some of us are more responsible than others. Some do throw the doors open wide and invite any beings to join them. That is their way. I do not. I call the specific soul with whom we seek contact. They choose to receive the invitation, or not.

Even in conversations with the living, I am best suited for interactions with one of us speaking at a time. It is the same, for me, when I invite the dead to join us.

My youth was a cacophony of voices. I heard them all at once, which generally meant I was overwhelmed and often made sense of none of those yammerings. They were noise.

I had to learn how to clear my mind, to invest in and trust the Divine to open the door more capably and to tend that opportunity with me. I needed to learn to have confidence in the work I offer facilitating these sorts of interactions. I require the boundaries. I utilize filters.

My childhood was filled with those loud voices attempting to gain my attention. They have it now, and they speak more quietly as a result. They sometimes sing. Sometimes they cry with us. Sometimes they give directives. But always, we work one on one, by which I mean, one in flesh, one without. I am but an interpreter of sorts. I’m a witness and a bit like a microphone, in that I just move the message through me.

When I’m not working, I am capable and happy to have further filters retained. My boundaries are clear. I live my own life now, sans any need to hear, feel or know anything beyond my physical experience, really, unless I choose to open those doors. This is part of my contract with the Sacred. They give me a life of my own, where I can be solely human. I submit to the work of the dead (and the living too) only when engaged to do so.

Know this. Those who choose to indulge a visit with their dead are always affected. The healing begins, for many, right there at my table.

The journey, as they walk it, becomes more capable once they know the Truth about the experience of their dead.

Are you ready to share a visit with someone beyond flesh? If so, reach out at

Soul connections with those beyond flesh help heal. Are you ready to get in touch in this way? If so, let's schedule your appointment. Reach out at

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