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Dead and buried. Alive and listening.

Some folks attempt to silence their dead. Those beyond flesh may do their best to gain the attention of the living, but for naught. Until the living are ready to listen, perhaps even converse, the dead are simply buried. If the living allow no access, the dead have few options to which they can grasp. Though they swiftly adapt, it is with vulnerability that they do so. Few are given a voice of clarity unless a listener is ready to receive. In the meantime there may be attempts (unexplained sounds, electric variables, things seemingly moved by an unseen being). Until a listener opens their hearts and ears though, the efforts are likely to remain inexplicable to the experiences of the living.

The dead often like to spin a tale which they’d enjoy sharing. Too often the living hold so tight to the flesh of loved ones but struggle to retain a healthy relationship (with the same) after their beloved dies. For these folks, there is an undertow of loss and sadness. There is no comfort in the paradigms of others. Their pain is too large to hear, anyway.

Of course they are welcome to retain their own perspective. It is every bit, their right (and I am called to remember this).

But, if you have carried the burden of your separation and found it heavy, perhaps it’s time to shift something, maybe, even allow for the ash to sift out, entirely. Do you keep your pain in a box? Are you ready to take off the lid and peer inside? Does the whole thing just feel like it stinks, no matter what?

I have a secret. For most, that box appears to be filled with sorrow. Beneath it though, I have usually found more.

What if you were courageous enough to remove the caul of pain? What if you could lift it and see beneath, to where the truths are? What if you stopped speculating and simply sat with your dead and shared a conversation?

Some will always choose this possibility. They just want to know how to do so. This is where I come in.

With my honed experience and skill, I call on the particular soul, inviting them to speak. The listener really listens (and takes notes). Once the dead have their initial input, then the living can ask questions. The conversation unfolds from there.

Things can be loving and gentle or confronted and resolved. The dead may coddle, or scold. Sometimes they require a song or offer hugs. Sometimes there are tears. Lots of times there is laughter. The interaction may serve an intention to invest in this new layer of love, or it may be to finally and completely sever one’s ties. Either way, it’s a powerful conversation.

If you are ready to chat with those who have left their flesh already, please reach out to learn more about how to schedule time to do so.

If you're ready to share a concise conversation and soul connection with your dead, please reach out to schedule your appointment via email at If you prefer to call or text, you may do so via 727-888-3133.

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