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I knew it would be fun. What I didn't know was...

The Oracle and Oriana was a beautiful event. I knew it would be fun. What I didn't know was that so many layers of intimacies would be involved.

Oriana Brooks , guided our group through physical movement (in this case, in the form of Egyptian bellydance) being done in tandem with the whispers of my oracle, which were personal, unique and timed especially for each individual, who flowed in dance while addressing their soul's needs.

Afterwards, after being given a time of reflection, some people chose to share what they had written.

We all were moved. I am touched to see grace enter a space, to usher the facets of addressing holdings, releasing the same, then devoting to the Self, fully, in communion with one's very being.

Soul Convergence and Oriana Brooks anticipate another opportunity to collaborate for The Oracle and Oriana in the autumn 2022. Watch for it. Register early. Please visit to read any blog and calendar updates, often and be sure to subscribe via the website, to receive email announcements. #theoracleandoriana #soulwork #movingprayer #soulconvergencedotorg #orianabellydancer #orianabrooks #empowerment #enrichment #encouragement #selflove #authenticity

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