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The Oracle & Oriana ~ Empowerment for the Body and Soul

Join us in person or online, with a secure Zoom link.

Dance, we find, serves as a key to unlocking our authenticity. In movement, we are invited to go deeper and address the needs of our genuine soul. Let us help you find your keys to understanding. Join us in this workshop n Saturday April 30. We will call forth truth and self-love while being held to the mindset of worthiness and value. (speaking of value, those who register before midnight on April 25, 2022 pay only $40) Our intention is to focus on self-discovery in a spiritual container of enriching movement. We shall guide each attendee in a caring, safe environment, outdoors, beneath the trees, on beautiful private property in downtown New Port Richey, Florida. Sherry will provide each person's spiritual message, which then will be encouraged to transmute into action with sacred movement led by Oriana. We respect the being you are, as you are. Let us help you to invoke and celebrate your capability and enrichment in a safe and supportive environment. Open to yourSelf. Grow with us. For this class, yoga/gym attire is suggested. We will be outdoors, so, please wear appropriate, comfortable attire. Bare feet or flat slippers are optimal for most people. Please remember to bring your own drink vessel. Refills of water will be provided. Soul Convergence, Inc, and Oriana, both, welcome respectful participants of any gender, faith, hue, age, fitness level and life experience. The Oracle and Oriana workshop will be a 2 hour class with a window of companionable socializing to follow, for those interested. During this post-class time, light fare will be offered, as well. Remember, registering by April 25,2022 provides a discount. Class size is limited. Reserve your space. Register now. Flow into your Self. Click on the link below to register now.

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