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Gifting to others with respect

Today’s message is relative to gifting, for those whom these cards are true: Yes, gifting to others can bring you great joy. Notice though, the home environment of those you wish to honor. Be sure your pleasure is something that actually is fitting for their lifestyle, rather than simply pleasing yourself. Look at your giftees who have actively released so much this year. Note the path that THEY are taking, before you choose what to give. Remember, some folks have no interest in gathering more stuff. Often, it is you and your interactive connection which is otherwise distant, that is the actual value in creating happiness in your family. It’s not about the stuff, really. It’s about the conversations of respectful interest; it’s about listening and sharing time with one another with respectful hearts and joyous intentions. Keep this all in mind as you ponder possibilities.

Remember, too, that gifts of personal soulwork (via readings of tarot, trinkets or astrology) or soul connections with those who are beyond flesh are powerful, memorable and never have to be dusted. If you want to purchase sessions for your loved ones, please reach out at (Prices start as low as $75) Soul Convergence also welcomes your generosity to support our endeavors where your contributions encourage inspired creativity and may also serve as a tax deduction for those who indulge such gifting. The DONATE button is found at the top of this website page.

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