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Honor the Dead. Celebrate Life.

Your dead are not lost

they have just moved on,

like night slips to daylight

each morning, at dawn.

Cry for your sadness.

Cry for your pain.

Of course you miss faces

you wont see again.

Build a boat

to harbor your grief.

Send it off, with a candle

to lend to Release.

Like a light in the dark,

like a glimmer of hope,

know Death is not terrible,

its a blessing, invoked.

Death gets a bad rap

from the ones left behind.

But those who opt in

embrace beauty, refined.

Death is no thief,

it's a lottery win.

Regardless of your faith,

it's the yang to the yin.

Life is the challenge.

Surviving is work.

Big whoop,

you can do this;

life is a perk!

Life takes up the space

between darkness and light.

It is the star on the edge

of each day's coming night.

Its the promise in breath.

Its the hope in a smile.

Its the courage to birth

the next phenomenal child.

So honor your Dead,

your loves who've moved on.

but don't tell me they're lost, they exist,

like the echo of song.

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