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How Soul Convergence was named

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

I was already indulging foundation work for the project I had before me. I knew I was founding a church. As I did so, I learned that I needed a name before I could move forward in any legal capacity. The IRS, the state, the insurance folks and the credit union all required a name before they could speak with me about solid details of intention. I had brainstormed, asked clients for words all to no avail. I had been praying for a name since December. Five months later, on April 20, 2019, the name arrived. It was accompanied by a vision. The vision explained details of the project’s depth and breadth.

I was shown many layers of sacred geometry as if they were individually imprinted on a separate layer. Each was radiant with its own color-coded vibration. The colors were bright, as if they were alert. They were also gentle enough that I could look at them directly.

I was parched as I saw this. I knew I needed to step up, but I was so thirsty. I said to the holy ones, “I need water.” They spoke to me then, in words, and replied, “Really? Do you still think this is about you?” I submit fully. “No. It’s larger than me. I am but a component.” “That’s right,” I was told, and then, “are you stepping up now? Are you stepping in, or what?” Humbled, “yes,” I answered. As I committed to the work necessitated by this new understanding, I had to reveal my vulnerabilities to all who were nearby. I had to call my intention aloud. I was required to dedicate all of this work to the children even as I do so with other adults, at first. As I pledged myself to these specifics, the patterns of sacred geometry approached one another. I was called to particularly lend my attention to the luminous lines of the pattern some people call the seed of life. Though I had long suspected that each petal in this pattern represented a soul, I was shown otherwise. It was explained to me that each LINE is a lifetime, that the continuum of lines and the possibilities relative to their expansive personal patterns are representative to a soul’s ongoing journey. This made it clear that the possibilities are more expansive than I had thought (I still have so much to learn). I also was shown that while each line certainly were specific souls, that there were also other souls who resided in the locations where the unions were present. They are the connectors, the ones who hold many strings to the shifting possibilities. They are the guides, the spiritual teachers, those who experience the flesh as networkers, healers and turnstiles for themselves and others. As the awareness was gifted to me, I received it in awe. This was when the many layers of so many versions of patterns laid over one another. While the each retained the grace of their own version of truth and clarity, they also joined as one in an acceptance of inclusion. The colors of the layers vibrated. The entire wholeness was one, though each line and pattern was its own. Then they said to me, “This is CONVERGENCE!” I heard it. I sang it out. I believed it to be true. I had the name. I breathed it and when I soon was given water, I drank it, fully, deeply into mySelf.

Days later, when I began to (finally) begin the incorporation of legality, legitimatizing the organization, I found the singular name needed more. It was certain, but still incomplete. From there it evolved to Soul Convergence. And there here we are.

If you have yet to do so, please visit the www.soulconvergence.org website, explore the blog offerings and submit your info to subscribe and become a member of this beautiful organization. Though it is still in its infancy, it is also ready to have your inclusion, whatever is your respectful path of passion through which you channel the divine.

Thank you for witnessing this unfolding. Thank you for your inclusion in the Soul Convergence as it Becomes…

This is a painting I did last year, before I understood how my work was shifting.Though it does not represent what I saw in vision, it is the closest painting I have (at this time) to how I saw things that day.

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