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It's my birthday, you're invited

Sunday, April 3rd is my birthday. What I’d most enjoy in celebration, is for you to please spend some time with me and with each other, this upcoming Sunday morning. I’ll make muffins and have some fruit to share, as well water, perhaps infused with cucumbers and mint. Please bring your own reusable water container (even if you also bring another drink, in something else, I'd like you to have a water container when we journey like this). We are now in our third week of guided meditation practice. Some folks like to lay beneath the trees on blankets or mats. Others like to sit in chairs, supported with bolsters, and whatnot. (Bring what suits your own needs, best, to encourage your greatest ease.) When you RSVP, I'll remit with more specifics regarding our intention and our location. I’ll also be making some announcements about upcoming events, doings and sharing some of our wish-list. As always, our private gatherings require you to RSVP if you’d like to join us, friends. Therefore, please send a note with your response via email at or facebook messenger at

As always, if you have faith in our endeavors and/or you have felt your soul nourished in some way through our Soul Convergence doings or my own words and actions, please do freely donate to help sustain us by way of the donate button within our website (where all major credit cards are accepted, through Paypal): or Venmo: Sherry-Stamback Now, who is going to do a bit of soul journeying with me, this Sunday April 3, 2022, and celebrate my birthday with me, too?

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