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Painting stageside at Hometeam New Years Rally

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Soul Convergence will be represented by Spellbinding Sherry

at Hometeam New Years Rally 2000

held December 27-29, 2019

at the beautiful Maddox Ranch

located at 2505 Bella Vista Street in Lakeland, Florida.

(you'll find the Hometeam New Years Rally link

included at the bottom of this post)

Festival attendees enjoy primitive camping

(hot showers are on site)

at Maddox, which is a lovely ranch whose work

is a focus on rescuing farm animals

(though the animals mostly remain beyond the festival space).

Come join the Hometeam, where you'll be immersed in the love of kind people and powerful, beautiful music, day and night.

Sherry is honored to be included among the

Hometeam New Years Rally artists

who shall be painting stage-side throughout the weekend.

Come spend time watching art come into being.

Share a hug, dance and enjoy the bliss

as we send 2019 off with a smile

and welcome 2020, raising our collective,

as well as the intimately personal, vibration.

Sherry's art, as well as that of other gifted artists,

will be for sale at the Rally.

Cash and credit cards are accepted by most Hometeam artists.

Further information about the Rally, including volunteer opportunities

and ticket purchases are found at the HTNY site:


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