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Readers thread was fun. Now a call to community..

During the most recent Soul Convergence gatherings, we have enjoyed hands-on interactions with a variety of divination tools including trinkets, pendulum, oracle cards, runes, a few different tarot decks and more. Both Oriana and Annie brought some of their tools to share with us, too. While exploring, each of us invested our own version of observation with shared vulnerability and courage, as well as a healthy curiosity. We came to know more about a variety of tools, as well as how we perceive the world. Some folks in the group also found themselves ready to explore the next local step, our upcoming Deeper Tarot. (If the Deeper Tarot appeals to you, please reach out for more information) Thank you to everyone who participated in the Readers thread. It was a fabulous time we shared together (often, through cold temperatures). I trust your soul was nourished if you were involved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is Friday already, as I write this. The weather is spectacular. While our next series (a combo of art and philosophy) has yet to be formally announced, I call on our community to spend time together Sunday March 6, 2022 at 11 a.m. I’ll bring something fun to do. We can get to know one another better and make this place more bright, too with an amusing, beautiful (and possibly familiar) pastime. While we are gathered, I’d love to hear your own ideas for topics you may like to explore during our upcoming gatherings here beneath the trees at Soul Convergence.

Thankfully, a couple of folks have shared their terrific thoughts about topics. This is valuable intel! I need your input here. Join us beneath the trees, please, Sunday. Reservations only. ~Sherry

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