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Soul Convergence at Hawkfest 2020

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Speaking of the Dead

Much of what I have learned about the dead, I have learned from those who are dead via direct communication. Speaking of the dead, I have collected many of their anecdotes. It is in sharing these stories of the dead that folks still walking around with flesh are often better able to understand the vast and inclusive experience of the soul.

Too wordy? Here’s the lowdown: In duo of workshops I speak about things I’ve learned as a professional medium. The stories are sometimes funny, or beautifully respectful. Sometimes they are downright sardonic or snippy. They are all true. These stories are shared in hopes that folks will lend consideration to an empowering paradigm and, in doing so, more capably navigate life. Each workshop is unique and I do my best to offer those stories which seem most pertinent to the attendees. *

This workshop during Hawkfest will be meeting just outside of my Jayco camper at 2:00 pm on both Friday and Saturday. Please remember your water. I’ll supply the blanket for ground seating. Please bring a chair or pillow, if you prefer that sort of thing.

* Private sessions are available for soul connections with the dead, as well as powerful readings of tarot, trinkets and (if you schedule before festival) birth charts, throughout the weekend. There’s a little Jayco pop-up you’ll see on site (mentioned above). That’s my festival home and office. Seek me out there, or ask others where I am, if you are ready for this sort of clarity. For those serious about engaging in this way, walk ups are welcome, but appointments are recommended. Earliest bookings get choice of time slots.

For info about Hawkfest 2020, click the following link,

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