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Speaking of the dead

Sometimes it happens that one becomes more intimate in a relationship when one of the people die. Let’s face it. There are folks with whom we don’t have much in common while we are holding flesh. Nonetheless, for some reason we may be endeared to them. Perhaps they’re old friends with whom we’ve grown apart. Perhaps they’re relatives. And sometimes it’s as simple as our allowance of time. When we hold flesh many of us find ourselves with priorities which require most of our waking hours. It’s less about “not making time” for people and more about saying yes to our own pleasures and obligations. Further, in the current society (at least where there is internet) folks tend to plug in to a larger pool of interactions than ever before was possible. For many of us, if we were to call just a fraction of those we love with any constancy at all, we’d be left with no time to accomplish any of our own doings. For this reason, when one of us dies there opens an opportunity for a new layer of intimacy. I’ll offer a couple of examples.

My father was a man of few words. He was more at ease on the ocean among the fish than he was with people. As he lay there in bed, the last time I visited with him in flesh, I explained that many folks have plenty more to say after they die. He kind of snorted in response with a wry, crooked smile on his face. He wasn’t a man of spiritual faith, yet. He believed in me but he doubted my words and, though he stated otherwise, I knew he feared dying because he didn’t know what would become of him, next. When he died though, I called on his soul. I asked him questions and he went on and on and on for more than an hour. He was downright chatty. There were important things which he had learned in transition. For one, he realized that his wife deserved more appreciation than he ever had offered her. He also learned that there was “something” that some call God. He’d met the holy, the divine, the infinite as he journeyed onward. He was pretty excited about having done so. He understood so much more than he had in this recent lifetime about his spiritual, physical and emotional Self. Because we had entered a new layer of relating I was able to witness this fabulous awareness.

More recently, a friend who I visited with only at art gallery parties moved beyond her flesh. She and I had always, from our first meeting, “seen” one another. We acknowledged overlaps in our vocational work, our spiritual understandings. We both communicated with the dead and also guided folks to help themselves understand better how to empower their own soul. We lived about forty five miles away from one another, though and we never even broached the idea of sharing any time alone together. Now that she is no longer held to a scheduled calendar or the responsibilities of the living, we spend time together daily. I have inherited her gardening implements, spiritual tools, as well as several rocks and plants. I speak with her as I move and tend the plants. I share her name with others as I use her divinatory tools. She and I are closer now than ever we were as fleshy friends. We now have a deep friendship and it is growing. I am helping her. She is helping me. We are both more capable for one another’s investment.

It is due to these sorts of experiences that I mourn differently than many. I appreciate, honor and celebrate those which are beyond flesh. I feel them in the breeze. I see them on the water. I touch them in the dirt. I taste them in my food. I hear them in the songs of birds. I experience them in my soul with a deeper connection. I love them. They are my crew and I carry them forward in my daily doings in ways which I had been unable to do so, formerly.

I am honored and I know they are too.

If you are ready to make a soul connection with those to whom you are endeared that have released their flesh, please reach out to schedule a time with me to help you cultivate that connection. I offer you the clarity of their soul and the lessons which accompany such wisdom as only the dead are capable of articulating. For those who would like to have me speak at your event or social gathering, please know that I do that too. While I prefer privacy for direct channel work, I have found these general discussions offer people a shift of paradigm so that they too can learn to appreciate and even, possibly, indulge a new layer of relating to those who are no longer holding form. © Spellbinding Sherry aka Sherry Stamback

Those beyond flesh are honored when the living reach out to make a soul connection.

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