• Spellbinding Sherry


Yesterday, for those who felt the cards were for them, there was a call to action, to get to whatever it is one has been aspiring. Let's find out more about that. What has been a block was the idea that all things must be done by you. Wake up! The balance is in understanding that there is necessity in balancing the practice. Some of this is an old lesson, resurfacing. Are you feeling like you're unable to control things? Is it easier when you carry all of the burden alone, or is that just more work on your shoulders? Give it a rest. Listen to your intuition. Actively wait as strength and loyalty bring to you that which you are unable to do yourself. Relinquish your need to do it all by yourself as a sense of happiness is created in a family-like atmosphere. You are not, at this time, required to indulge this journey's spiritual momentum, there's no call to do so, today; but remember who you are, what you do well, where you can hone your skills, how you can continue learning and who you can teach for the optimal outcome. The project mentioned yesterday has earned your investment of time, but the time needs to be filled with activity which is more likely homework sorts of things. Get things in order where you are so you can better tend things beyond the home, too. In this action

is much of the balance required for success. Pushing the timeline serves no benefit. This unconventional sort of project will go forward, in ways which will find you more guided as it happens. Ask for help and you'll receive it. And by the way, you've been perceiving this to be more challenging than it really is. You'll have your stability but you'll have to don your courage. Remember every disconnect creates a path for a new possibility to be indulged and for money to be fairly exchanged.

Please reach out if you're ready to indulge your soulwork with more intimate detail than offered here, if you would like to speak with your dead, if you need clergy for celebratory rites, if you would like to schedule a speaker for your group, if you'd like to see a certain class offered, if you'd like to purchase art, if you'd like to make a donation or if you'd simply like to send a little love note. www.thesoulconvergence@gmail.com


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