• Spellbinding Sherry

A gift of love, loyalty, warmth and comfort

This isn’t exactly the way you wanted things to be, but it’s time to release some situation of value. The outcome relies on your action. Comfort your heart. I know, you never really thought it would come to this. Some payment of money is required and it doesn’t feel like some big transformation. It feels more like sorrow, but know, this is simply the best path to the promise of empowerment. For the one most affected, it is a golden opportunity. The sooner you take action, the better. You’re prepared. Now carry out your love as a mother tends her offspring when they have suffered. In doing so, you offer a gift of loyalty and love. Your gift offers warmth and comfort.

If your work requires spiritual support or an officiant for rites, please reach out at thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

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