• Spellbinding Sherry

Be wise about your giving

Listen, you’re wise. Remember this as you are dancing around acting as if you’re a bit nutters. Easy now. You’ve got this. Pay attention. For those whom these words resonate, though it may feel as if something has been taken away, in fact it is BECAUSE of this that you actually are aware that you have a deeper well than ever you imagined. Give more, but choose wisely where you do so. Your time, your skills and your energy hold far more value (for those whom you want to give) than any wrapped item could. Watch the finances. You have so much MORE to give than money or what it buys. YOU are the value of yourSelf.

The folks who care for you know this is true and your moderation, in turn, instills others with creative ideas. Now, inspiration; that’s a real gift to treasure.

Giving of yourSelf matters more than what you give.

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