• Spellbinding Sherry

Dive Deeper

Are you feeling unstable? Perhaps it feels more like a sense of distress, or your just plain tired from the constant movement. For those whom these words resonate, rather than stepping away from what has you in this state, diving DEEPER is more helpful. In the depths of your being you’ll find your greatest strengths. Yes, I understand that there is some sense of fear. Keep swimming. You’ll get through it. Touch what scares you, with respect. Welcome it to your world and learn how to be more fierce, when needed. In this you will also learn when it is appropriate to reveal more, as well as when it is best to stay still. Through it all, remember to nourish yourself. Disregard what others think of you and invest only in what you know is your truth. You’re sometimes a bit scary, but you’re absolutely powerful and amazing too.

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