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Hope's value

Whether, or not, most folks realize it, there is already a collective mourning occurring. Note this though, for most, what is needed, is present. This isn’t a trick, there is simply a call to swiftly move forward as the wheel turns. We are all going to find a reason to mourn, even as we heal. This is simply the way of all which is. Because so many folks are home, there is a sense of disconnect, due to new protocol which seems to lend separation. The truth is though, even with our distances we are collaborating with one another more capably and more intimately. There has been value found in preparation and the precariousness has helped us to find greater value in human connection. What isn’t discerned with intuition is what is still unstable. To jump into things naively, to move forward before we have learned to be masters of our own passion, creators of our own joy, and hold our esteemed love with a feeling of both immersion while lifting one’s unique soul need not be so challenging. When we find comfort, ourselves, and when we learn how our communities, near and far, truly bring something more to our lives, when we can recognize that even those without family can still practice love for the Self, honor for the value of Being and absolutely rise up like a phoenix through this transformation, we find hope and this, this very thing, this hope, is the most capable tool we have to be present to this shift of paradigms. May today’s message bring hope to the presence of your mindset. If you are interested in learning how to navigate most capable through these unique times, please reach out to schedule time to work together at

May hope renew you.

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