• Spellbinding Sherry

It's a good time to leave the pity party

Stop with the pity party, please, if you want to be empowered. Invest in yourSelf. For those whom these words resonate, it is time to take charge of your mindset and choose a focus of intention. Since this is not innately your skill set you’ll probably have to work on it. That’s okay. Practicing the intention matters (we all have to begin somewhere). Be aware of where you can improve the words skittering around your head and DO SO. They’re working, either way. If you harness them and guide them they will carry you higher and deliver you to your destination. You’ve already given up, released and cleared away so much. Now, you can opt to fixate on instability or you can proclaim your capable foundation and build on it with confidence. Which is your desire? Which is your practice? You get to choose, but you are the only one who can create such change in your life.

If you need help learning how to mind your mind, if you need clergy to help someone navigate their own release of flesh, if you need help navigating through mourning, if you would like your birthchart read, if you need support to empower your partnership, if you would like to visit with your dead, if you would like to purchase art, if you would like a gift certificate for someone you love, if you need a speaker for your group, or if you would like a live artist for your event, please reach out to us at thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

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