2019 Soul Convergence, Inc

  • Spellbinding Sherry

Keep the Love

Something (or someone) has been missing and honestly, it seems the circumstance is intentional. You’ll find it again, though it will appear tragic when it surfaces. When you see it, it will be time to relinquish it. Really, let go of that which is painful. To do so, embrace the love. Keep it and remember that this, this one thing, this energy, itself, is an ongoing constancy.

The most important thing to find is usually your own pace on your own path. If you're ready to invest in the empowerment of your soul, if you need clergy for rites, want to take a class, would like a speaker for your group; if you would like to purchase art, create art together or hire an artist to paint at your event, reach out to thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

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