• Spellbinding Sherry

Look and learn

What’s now gaining some light, however slow the pace may be, is helping you to master something. For those whom these words resonate, Of course there are things you still do not understand. Once you look at them, lending them attention and respect, you’ll be more capable in addressing exactly what ends up bringing you greater prosperity and ease. Tap into the divine wisdom. It’s time to see yourSelf with such clarity that you are guided to illuminate your path more capably, more confidently because you’ll know the truth, for certain.

Have courage.

If you are ready to dive into your own soul's journey with a trusted guide, if you are ready to speak with your dead, if you need clergy for rites or to support someone's homegoing, if you would like to host an artist to create at your gathering, if you would like to host a speaker, if you would like to attend a gathering at Soul Convergence, if you would like to purchase original art or prints, please reach out to thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

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