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Minding the rules, even if you are a skeptic

Whether you are the giver or the receiver, there is something here which is offered. If you choose to let go of the emotional perspectives relative to being alone in some of your experience, you can more capably realize that which has been taken against your will is part of this journey for your survival. The struggle you’ve so invested in is a more likely to incur further detriment. Yes, you can have some of what you want, but you certainly cannot have all of it your way. Retaining your agitations

makes things more hard on you. There is very little ability for anyone to help (or for you to help anyone else) when you get so angry. Spending time with others is fine, but remain mindful of the rules, even if you are skeptical of them. You wanted guidance? Here it is. ~if you are ready to invest in your soulwork, would like to speak with your dead, or are interested in obtaining a celebrant for rites please reach out to schedule our time together at ~

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