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Now is the time

Everyone has some indulgence that we know is unwise. Check it. For those whom these words resonate, it is time to assess the value of at least one particular aspect of your life. If you are more important than whatever it is which comes to mind as you read this, then today is a good day to do the work it takes to begin relinquishing it. For some, this will be an obvious awareness. For others the specifics are more subtle. This puzzle can only be figured out and addressed by you. Other folks have other issues they have to deal with too. This one’s your own though. Yes, this may take some effort, but you know what? You can do it and you’re worth the investment! If you need support in the process certainly ask for witnessing, for guidance and for the tools to encourage your success. Worry is not a tool of practicality (such a practice as Worry may even be the very detail which most needs most to be released) Avoidance is ineffective. Address your concerns, head on. It’s time to get off your duff and dive into the best possibilities. Yes, you can! You are the only one who can right the balance with your dedication. I believe in you and your capability.

Reach out at thesoulconvergence@gmail.com if you need help with clarification and soul empowerment. Reach out if you are ready to speak with your dead. Reach out if you are ready to learn, explore and rise to your greatest potential. Reach out if you need clergy for rites. Reach out if you'd like to purchase art or would like to hire an artist to paint or perform at your event.

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