• Spellbinding Sherry

Ode to love, that it may be a foundation

Today is February 14. I've brought a gift, today. Its me. This is my gift to mySelf and my gift to you. I love. (if these words are your's, do say them aloud) I love mySelf. I know this is a foundation to stability. I am blessed. I am holy, because I am of The Holy. I am grateful. I am valued. I am created for a purpose. I am worthy. I impact my reality. I am wise. I am compassionate. I am kind. I invest in my faith. I am courageous. I am grateful. I am healing. I am well. I am thriving. I have integrity. I have ethics. I am respectful. I practice healthy boundaries. I am guided. I listen. I take action and sometimes I stay still. I am making better choices. I do my best. I am enough. I love mySelf. Such a true love for the loving nature of humanity, seeded within me lends to the potential of greater love, interactive love, respectful and kind in the ripples of its infinite nature.

You are already love. I can show you ways to empower YourSelf. #Soulcoach #guide #leaders #mediumship #rites #clergy #selflove #art #speaker #workshops #empowerment #love

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