• Spellbinding Sherry

Protecting yourself protects others

It’s true, and you already know it to be so. There is an unwellness which must be addressed. At this time, the best method to do so is to pay attention to all of the suggestions of distancing from one another physically. (You know, you can still connect heartwise) Protecting yourself means you’re protecting others, so get comfortable with it. Actively know you LITERALLY hold the world and our collective future in your actions. Stay home if you are able to do so. Become the sovereignty of your space and, with grace, thrive, so that others may do so, too. Anything less, is just dropping the ball in a very serious game of life and death. Even those who expected global change did not prepare for this. Even those who are masters of skill could not see what this would awaken. Change is present. Let’s incubate a wellness so that we can, together, raise one another’s vibration with courage. Practice healthy boundaries and be aware of the renewal. Witness this great change and as uncomfortable as it is, if you can, be glad to be here, right now.

Do your best, folks. Take care of others by taking care of yourself. If you need spiritual support, please schedule time with me at thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

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