• Spellbinding Sherry

Raising it up, restraint and reflections

If it feels like you’re taking a step backward, remember this is simply because some of what you do is private, at least for now, and the restraint you exhibit is timely. You are all about scruples, values and ethics if these words resonate with you.

Your focus on carrying your active vocation to a higher level is courageous, even bold and brassy, It’s also well grounded.

Retaining resources in your daily doings and in relationships is wise, as you have already expended so much.

This is a good time to reflect on the interactions you have when you are in groups of people. You seem to have a fair handle on how you do so, privately, but it’s likely time to begin exposing some of that specific energy outwardly, once you assess exactly how you want to frame that which you are known for, seen as, and becoming.

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