• Spellbinding Sherry

Ready, set, GO!

It appears that there’s a change in your domestic matters. Either you simply aren’t communicating with someone with whom it’s relative or you’re just being tight lipped about the entire thing, with everyone. For those whom these words resonate, you’re approaching a new beginning. If it seems a little precarious, that’s only because such change is going to be a big jump. Be brave, even if you feel as if it’s too much to handle. You’re at the precipice. Jump with both feet or dive in headfirst, but either way, do it swiftly.

*If you’re ready to invest in your own soulwork, make a soul connection with someone beyond flesh or need an clergy to officiate rites (especially funerals, memorials and celebrations of life) please reach out to schedule an appointment at thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

Have courage! You're already on your way. Swiftly, dive into the change!

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