• Spellbinding Sherry


You’ve healed so much, already. You know who you are, now. That said, you’re tired. For those whom these words resonate. the time approaches. It’s just that there is so much being misunderstood. You probably want to pretend that it played out differently, but here you are. Someone in your circle is always feeling cheated. Now its just a matter of who gets to take responsibility for tending to what must be done. It's time. Create your own happiness. Sing your own song. Tell your own truths. There are folks who will feel the ripples of the wheel as it turns. It will rock some to sleep, with a smile, and a tear. It will take others down. But for you, it will release you and bring you well deserved joy.

Cryptic, you think? For some, this will be direct. (This insight may be for you, or these words may apply to someone in your circle who is challenged in expressing these words of their truth. If so, the turning wheel is their's and you will experience the ripple.)

For spiritual empowerment, conversations with your dead, clergy for rites, for speaking engagements, to invest in live art happenings for your event, procure original art or prints and more, please reach out to us at thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

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