• Spellbinding Sherry

Subtle, but vital work

Today is a good day to stay close to home, if you are able. Your strength is both brave and consistent. For those whom these words resonate, do, especially, mind your mind, by which I mean, lend your attention to those thoughts which keep you in a place of possibilities which are nourished with your love, only. Minding your mind and directing your strength are your most important tasks for today.

If you are ready for a reading of tarot, henna or astrology to learn how to best to nourish your soul, reach out. If you need clergy to help someone die or to officiate rites, reach out. If you would like to have a conversation with your dead, reach out. If you would like to book a speaker for your group, reach out. If you need an artist at your event, reach out. If you would like to purchase art (original and prints), reach out. If you would like to gift art or services to a loved one, reach out. We're here to help empower you. All of your contributions may serve you, also, as tax deductions. thesoulconvergence@gmail.com

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