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What's best left behind, what to seed and how to cultivate

These cards are being drawn within the last hour of the last night of 2019. The reading is for me, so the words are written in the first person. I’m posting it in case it also resonates with your own heartspace:

Any despondency, avoidance or other unhealthy sorts of disposition are wise to relinquish. If they served any purpose at all, their need is now past. Leave them with 2019. It’s time to pull on the boots and get to work by being direct.

The seed worthy of planting as the calendar is turned is relative to the soulwork, especially for leaders in the vocations of esoteric arts. Amp it up. An ethical leader must further grow and expand their skills.

The tool to help cultivate the above mentioned seed, that it may germinate, sprout and blossom; that it might thrive, is my voice and activity. When it is time, I’ll need to be heard. This means that this year I’ll likely to have to speak out. Sometimes caution will be best to override, for the sake of expanding former boundaries and even, perhaps, shattering stereotypes. Be (more) bold. Be (more) brave. Speak out.

Are you ready to learn how to best place your energy for the coming year? Is 2020 the year to address your mourning directly by speaking with your dead? If you're ready to empower your soul more fully, lets schedule your time for soulwork. Make the commitment to yourSelf.

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